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A Message from the Founder!

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Hey Everyone!

First, thank you for supporting Healthy Dine Out over the past 4 years now; time sure is flying by! We have been growing the website out, and boot-strapping our way to where we want to be with this site.  We are effectively a social enterprise, with hopes of giving back to our communities as we grow!  My personal goal for HDO is to have it be a great health tool for people wanting to eat healthy when dining-out, or dining-in. Notably, there will be some new site upgrades coming soon that will make it easier for restaurants to post their healthiest menu items for you all to see.  And, with a little luck, an app., that will make it easier to locate these menu items and write “healthy menu foodie reviews.” 

hdo-certifiedAs you might have noticed, I have not been posting very much of late, and there has been a great reason for my lack of engagement!  I now have a little baby boy who is almost three months old.  He is thriving and I am finally starting to get some needed sleep. Or, well…  I’m getting used to not sleeping as much!  Now that I’m getting used to being a mom, I’ll be much more active again.  


That all being said, do I have a treat for you all! We have some excellent, and inspiring news stories coming onto our site…  Stay tuned for interesting articles about A Vegan Marathon Runner – Jerod Killick, a Sri Lankin Cook/Blogger, and news on the Crop Club in England.  

I’ll end this post with some thoughts on health and now motherhood.  

As you probably guessed, I am one for eating healthy; I love feeling great and being able to move easily! During my pregnancy, I can say I ate really healthy foods!  I also did have some cravings like a ton of black olives, eggs, and tomato sauce!  To this day, I can’t touch tomato sauce now., ugh.  That being said, it happened that I gained a whopping 73 pounds during my three trimesters, which for someone who has a hard time gaining weight in the past, still amazes me…  Seriously, this weight gain had a big impact on my body too. FullSizeRender_6

Yes, I received the dreaded stretch marks, “which I now consider a loving road map of how my son arrived here.” As well, I had terribly achy hips, a lack of consistent sleep, and water retention galore.  What I also received was an understanding of how hard excess weight is on the human body. My weight was very much belly weight, and with my baby boy being 8 pounds, 11 ounces when he came into this amazing world… I get why I had such hip pain!  

That all being said, by eating healthy, yet not limiting my caloric intake after giving birth… I have been doing great on loosing the extra pounds.  I think though, having a large number of pounds to loose can be daunting, and as Jerod Killick mentions in his captivating article that is being published today, “there are no quick solutions that are healthy or sustainable.” 

So I end this post with some reflections, “If you are looking to loose some extra pounds, be it after child birth, or for other reasons, have patience with yourself!  Slow and steady wins the race…  Keep your focus on healthy foods and healthy habits, like taking relaxing walks in the evenings when home from work.  And, try to get some shut eye; a great sleep goes a long way!” IMAG5103_1

I hope you enjoy the articles that grace our site in the coming weeks and months as much as I do. Thanks for dropping in!

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Founder, Healthy Dine Out. I hope that our health-focused foodie site will make a difference in people's dining-out experiences and help with their food choices at home, too. Personally, I love eating healthy foods and sharing my choices with others. I enjoy cooking at home, and sharing recipes. Notably, you'll find me sharing others people's recipes as well on this site! What else, I enjoy sharing the latest foodie news about cool new brands, restaurants, and products that help to promote healthy choices. You can follow my tweets @healthydineout, and @healthydinein

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