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An Interview With Anna From “My Fat Me!!!”

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If you haven’t heard of Anna from MyFatMe, then let me have the pleasure of introducing you to her!  I can say, she is very relatable and real; she tells it like it is about food and her journey to better health. Notably, just as Anna has been battling sugar, I have battled with sugar all of my life too.  I’d have to agree with her, refined sugars are addictive; very addictive.  I hope you enjoy our interview.

This is Anna! (See picture below)


Now to the Interview!

1.     Tell us about your experience with food so far in your life?

Anna expresses, “I always have loved food. Always.  And, for the time I lived with my parents, during spring and summer, I had fresh fruit and vegetables available from their garden. There was no other option other than to have a salad during dinner.”

For me, food is an experience that is hard to repeat.  Each meal is different and brings different emotions. My food means different things to me at different times, and in different places.  Sitting down to a good meal with a group of friends, or loved one’s are some of the best experiences in life.

When I moved to the UK; more fast foods became available, and there was more temptation. In 2007, I lost almost 30kg by eating healthy and exercising regularly. But since the end of 2012, when I started working longer hours and studying at the same time, while already being diagnosed with PCOS, I started putting weight on.  Not only because of my problems, but also because again, I started only eating foods that were easy to make.  They cost almost nothing, and made me feel happy afterwards.

Since September 2013, I’ve decided to get back on the healthy path with my diet. I’ve decided to introduce more raw food dishes into my daily menu, and more nutritious items, rather than fast foods.  I’m not a nutritionist, although it is my biggest dream to become one. I read a lot about food; I read all of the labels on foods in the supermarkets. I’m learning how to become a healthier person.  In 2014, my wish will be to manage to eat 60% of my meals as raw meals! I’d love to quit sugar, and concentrate more on an active lifestyle.”


2. It is mentioned on your blog “My Fat Me” that you have PCOS “Polycystic ovary syndrome.”  Has this changed the way you eat, and choose foods now? 

“Since I have been diagnosed with PCOS, I’ve put weight on much quicker now, and of course, it is more difficult to lose it.  Did I change my way of eating?  Yes and No. I have been trying to eat healthy, apart from those few moments in my life when I am eating badly; very bad foods.

These days, I’m trying to avoid gluten products. I’m not saying that I have stopped eating them, but my aim is to limit them by 50% until the end of this year. Now, after the last 6 months of researching and reading, I know there are gluten free products available on the market.

I’m also trying to cut refined sugars from my diet. It is very difficult, as this is my biggest addiction.  I’m trying to eat sweets now as healthy treats; vegan or raw sweets, fruits and homemade desserts. I don’t drink any form of soda, or juices from the supermarket. I prepare my own juices and smoothies, so I know what they are made of.

When I eat outside of my house, I try to enjoy myself, and eat what I usually don’t cook at home.  Yet, even if I eat out, I try to make healthy choices.

I do not believe in diets. What I do know: that the best way to be healthy, while eating with a focus on minimizing PCOS, is eating well, eating good foods, and listening to our own body.”


3.  Are there any natural foods that are helping to control PCOS for you?

“Reducing junk foods, gluten, dairy, and sugar are the best ways to control PCOS. Real food over processed food.  This is the most important thing to do.”

4.   Let’s talk about your health goals? 

“As I have said in my previous answers, my main goal is to live a healthy life. I want to learn more about how I can improve my lifestyle, and also how to help my loved ones. I also suffer from a very bad back problem, and with my being overweight; I do suffer more than usual.  So again, if I improve my life in every possible way, I will feel better.”


5.  What is the one food you eat too much of currently?

“I think it is still foods with gluten, and sweets. I did cut them out a lot, but I know I can cut them out even more. But no rush; it’s better do it slowly, and be successful, rather than rushing into it, and failing half-way.”

6.  What is your favorite healthy food?

“I love food in general. There are very few things I don’t like.  But my favorite’s are: porridge, salads, fish, avocado, and berries.”


7.  What is something you would say to people who are trying to eat healthier?!

“That the most important thing is to listen to our own body. Diets are not the best way to be healthy for everyone. Sometimes, it takes a long time to find out the best way to live.  It took me a while to educate myself on what, and how to eat.  Now I’m ready for my healthy journey.”

Thank you Anna for taking the time to do this interview!

If you’d like to connect with Anna, you can follow her on Twitter at: @myfatmeAnia

Or, you can check out her foodie pics on her Instagram site, just click here.

Here is her blog “My Fat Me,” please click here.

Lastly, her Pinterest, please click here.


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