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Hi my name is Anna, I.m 31 years old grew up in Poland in the small city by the sea. I have struggled with my body image my entire life, but now I'm the biggest I have ever been. Around 6 years ago i lost 6 stones living healthy and well, but then something has change. I started having problems with emotional eating. I broke up with my log term boyfriend, I put weight, then I met someone new I lost weight again but we broke up as well and since 2 years ago I have been eating to feel better and when I was seeing weight gain I was eating because I was depressed that I'm getting bigger and bigger. In 2010 I have been diagnosed with PCOS, but only since September I'm starting to learn ho to live with it, what it is and trying to do the best for myself. I want to start living healthy again. It is possible, I'm just lazy and now with trying to balance everything with PCOS it might be more difficult but I believe that things will change to better. I started taking metformin 3 months ago. For now I haven't experience any changes or very bad sides effects. Have my review next month my my GP will see if she will change the dosage or take me off the medication….. My other half is the best support I can have. He love me for who I'm now and he is going to change his food habits to help me achieving my goals. Lately I have some problems with my back, my disks L4 and L5 are slipping out, sciatica nerve is also involved. I have days when I cant work, walk and be myself…….but this is another story. I started my blog to write about my journey, not only about weight lose but also about learning new things, things how to live healthy, how to make life better, how to be and stay happier. I want this place to be my own inspiration and and maybe for someone else as well. MY GOALS To Live HEALTHY Will be keeping my food dairy Checking my weight on weekly basis, to have healthly body weight Controlling what i eat and learning to eat better To increase time spent on physical activity To be happy

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