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Our Foodtruck Lisa and Nikki noticed a lack of healthy options in the food truck industry and wanted to reach the general population with new ideas about eating healthfully. "There are many people who have so many different food sensitivities, we wanted to give those folks some yummi options as well," Nikki comments. "These issues are no longer just affecting a few people but studies have shown that these intolerances are not just going to go away, so we must change with the times and evolve just as our food has" says Lisa The vegetarian menu provides gluten free, dairy free, and paleo options and is committed to providing as much cleanly grown local produce as possible as well as fully organic and nutrient dense superfoods. Nikki and Lisa strive to promote cooperation and community though food culture, something that is sustainable and benefits all involved. These girls mean business and want to educate and bring in an awareness around food and supporting local business. They make everything from scratch and use only the freshest, most healthful ingredients.