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Vancouver’s Grain Tasting Bar

Vancouver’s Grain Tasting Bar Mitchell Kerr spills about the open-air lounge at 655 Burrard Street…    Please tell us about the Grain Tasting Bar! Grain Tasting Bar exemplifies the Vancouver experience. Dedicated to local

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Hustle It Up With Mealshare!

We love Mealshare!  Who wouldn’t, their hearts are in the right place. They are our community partners on Healthy Dine Out, and here’s why we love them so much: Mealshare is a new non-profit

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Mmm… Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

We had a great time at Molly Malone’s this past week.  There is such a great vibe to this authentic Irish pub!  Here is our interview with Gary O’Neill, Executive Chef, and Jimmy Sullivan. Yet, first…  A

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Airdrie’s Thai Charm Eatery

An Interview with Owner, Kullanit Nya, and Executive Chef, Steve Thibodeau. Tell me about Thai Charm Eatery: Executive Chef Thibodeau: “It is Kullanit’s Nya’s restaurant. We have expanded from Calgary to Airdrie, so we

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Wild And Raw In Calgary!

What inspired you to open up Wild and Raw? Oh man! It’s been part personal journey and part experience and education. Traveling and going to all of these different places in India opened me

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Your Healthiest Year!

Your healthiest year to date! Are you wanting to be healthier, more active, less lethargic?   Make this year the year to take back your health! Here’s what I know, the quickest way to become

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Obesity Levels Hit Their Highest In Canada.

“Overall obesity rates across Canada have climbed to historic highs since 2002, according to a University of British Columbia study.”  To read more, click here.  Dining-Out & Portion Sizes We’ve all been there, probably more

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