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Eating With Intuition

Recently, Amber Romaniuk from Nourish this Life, and I had the pleasure of interviewing Ruth and Vic from Yoga Studio South.  What a marvellous and informative afternoon. Below, you will be able to read our interview.

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Have You Heard Of SNAC Cards?!

Carrie please tell us about yourself, “I’m the creator of SNAC, a nutritional program empowering kids to practice healthy eating choices. I’m a certified nutritional consultant and an advocate for childhood health and wellness.

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Oxalic Acid In Greens Causing Kidney Stones?

Let’s address the claim that oxalic acid in spinach and other greens causes kidney stones… By Alina Munson, Owner, Alina’s Green Smoothies (Calgary) About 85% of all kidney stones contain calcium salts, calcium oxalate and/or calcium

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The Rustique Bistro On Bowen Island

First, if you have never been to Bowen Island you should.  It is so incredibly beautiful.  The natural surroundings are captivating and the community of Bowen Island is very welcoming.  I grew up on

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