Fable Berry Bowl – Fable Kitchen- Mealshare

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Fable Berry Bowl (Brunch)
You will find Acai, blueberries, granola, honey, and other fruits in this menu item.

Photo By: Fable Kitchen.

If you would prefer this item to be Gluten free, please order it without the granola.
This item is Dairy Free.
To make this item Plant-based and Vegan, please order it without honey.
Notably, Fable Kitchen does a mealshare featured item everyday at lunch, please ask.
About this great restaurant:
“Every great story needs a beginning. Our story begins with Trevor Bird. While competing on Season 2 of Top Chef Canada during the ever popular “Restaurant Wars” episode, Trevor came up with the name for the team’s farm to table restaurant concept: FABLE. The vision was born. Upon returning to Vancouver, Trevor started working on this vision – a restaurant that would showcase his talents and help define Canadian cuisine. Sourcing local product and delivering great flavors in a fun and non-pretentious setting.” Quote taken from Fable Kitchen’s Home Page
To find out more about the Fable Kitchen, please click here.
This great restaurant is located at 1944 West 4th Ave in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gluten Free alternative, and Dairy Free.

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Fable Berry Bowl - Fable Kitchen- Mealshare

Fable Berry Bowl (Brunch) You will find Acai, blueberries, granola, honey, and other fruits in this menu item.
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