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Get Your Hands On Birchware!

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Tell us about Birchware:  

In a world fighting climate change, toxins in the air and water, as well as massive waste in our landfills, we propose to be eco-friendly.  Our product is made only and completely from birchwood.  The birch trees used are sustainable from the Daxing’anling Forest, the largest forest in China.  Birchware utensils are FDA approved for food contact, able to withstand heat beyond 200 degrees, and 100% compostable.


What inspires you in the company?

Having started working for the company a little over a year ago now, I am proud to say I work for Birchware!  Our product is so eco-friendly, I actually cringe to use plastic, or even to see it being used; I know that plastic will most probably go straight into the landfill.  Having worked years ago in a plastic factory, I really appreciate the option we provide.pic1

When making Birchware are solvents used? How are your utensils manufactured?

There are no solvents and no chemicals in the manufacturing of our product.  They are sterilized using only high temperature steam, and then pressed into form.


Let’s chat about composting!  Tell us a bit about it, and how it can benefit our planet:

Composting!  One of my favourite subjects!  Composting enriches the soil with nitrogen and carbon; suppresses water run-off; provides natural, organic fertilizer for plants; and saves us from adding more waste into our landfills.  It’s absolutely easy to do, fun, and not expensive at all!  In composting, there is a need for water, air, and soil—which is why you have to turn it every so often and sometimes water it.  I personally just let the rains take care of mine.  Anything that was a plant can be composted!

How biodegradable is your Birchware?

Funny you should say biodegradable, meaning it’s capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other biological means. Since our product is 100% compostable, it will completely break down by natural means.  Being biodegradable sometimes requires outside help such as chemicals or enzymes to cause the breakdown.  In roughly 60 days, depending on the climate and weather, our product becomes a natural part of the soil—just like the trees.  In fact, you can add our product to your yard pile if you’d like.

pic3Can people purchase your product from any stores in Canada or the USA, or online through your own store?

You can order our product through our website:  We are also listed through Amazon.  We are still a fairly small business, so we aren’t in every store yet—most of our orders come from online, and we do ship.



To follow Birchware, please visit their social media links below:

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