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Healthy Dine Out Reflects on 2016!

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Hi Everyone, 

Thank you for stopping into Healthy Dine Out! 

We are in for some exciting times coming up in 2017.  Yet, before we move into the New Year, I thought it would be great to reflect on our achievements of 2016!

During this past year we have grown substantially on Twitter.

 We hit 8K this year and we are sharing some amazing Foodie Content on this incredible platform.

We love sharing healthy foods on this Twitter feed, so if you are yet to connect with us @healthydineout, please do.  We also have other Twitter accounts that we are proud of that you might not know we are a part of?!  

If you are on Twitter, also check out @healthydinein @FoodieCanada @FoodieUSA.  

Did you know Healthy Dine Out is also on Pinterest? We aren’t as active on Pinterest, yet we will be working to contribute more to this social platform in 2017. HDO logo 4

In looking back at 2016, it was a year of business growth and also realizing we need new software to take our business to the next level.

 We are currently working to create the best on-boarding software for restaurants, where chefs and owners can easily add menu items, and update them too.

 We are also looking into an app., that will be very user friendly and also support restaurant menu showcases and people’s healthy food reviews. 

As the Founder of Healthy Dine Out, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support. Notably, I have been less active on our Blog this past half of a year as I am now a proud mom to a healthy baby boy!  Being a mom has been a life altering experience; I am now even more motivated to help restaurants build food transparency so the public has a greater awareness of what they are consuming. 

What a great year it really has been.  That being said, I look forward to contributing new Foodie content for 2017.  I am excited to see and experience the growth of this website, along with the ideas and people that drive it forward.

As the Founder of Healthy Dine Out, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for stopping in, 

Crystal Knutson


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Crystal Knutson

Founder, Healthy Dine Out. I hope that our health-focused foodie site will make a difference in people's dining-out experiences and help with their food choices at home, too. Personally, I love eating healthy foods and sharing my choices with others. I enjoy cooking at home, and sharing recipes. Notably, you'll find me sharing others people's recipes as well on this site! What else, I enjoy sharing the latest foodie news about cool new brands, restaurants, and products that help to promote healthy choices. You can follow my tweets @healthydineout, and @healthydinein

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