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I’m Fed Up with White Sugar!

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As the founder of Healthy Dine Out, I’m always looking at what I’m consuming and listening to people who offer feedback on their own health journeys.  Truly, what people have learned and are doing is inspiring. That being said, a lot of people are still struggling to eat healthier and to have a clean diet.

One thing that a lot of people I speak with are struggling with… their consumption of white sugar. They know they are eating an incredible amount of sugar.  I can relate, as I was there myself! 

I hear all to often, “I’d love to stop drinking pop, or I need to cut back on sugar.” The unfortunate thing is that our society as a whole currently is not going to help these people reduce their intake of this deadly white substance.  Why?  Sugar is BIG business! Everything has white sugar in it these days… Yes, this is a generalization, and yet it isn’t to far off.

 My stuggles with sweets and more importantly, white sugar.

In the past, I avoided white granulated sugar for 9 months straight before my wedding almost three years back now. Man, does time fly! What happened was amazing when I stopped consuming white sugar, and avoided foods that had sugar listed in the ingredients.

I had more energy and I became a lot healthier.  I also didn’t shop in the centre aisles in the grocery stores, or buy very many packaged goods…

True, I went through sugar withdrawal and it was hard. Yes, my diet changed.  I didn’t cut all sugars out though, as our body does need carbohydrates.  I did become choosey on the sugars I put in my body!  I became an informed consumer. I read every label on items and was always blown away by how much sugar is now in our foods we eat on a daily basis. Sugar didn’t used to be in everything. Yet, these days it is getting in more items and it is making our societies sick.

Our bodies are not meant to take in this white addictive substance. Did you know white sugar has to go through 11 steps to get to its white refined state? This shocked me. I now have healthier alternatives when my sweet tooth happens: raw honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar are just some of the options that work for me compared to white sugar that is rampant in our society now. More than anything I’ll turn to fruit to satisfy my quick need for sweetness!  These healthier sugar options do not have lengthy processes to refine them down into an edible food source either.

Plain Yogourt with Honey and Raspberries.

Did I stick with no white sugar after my wedding? 

Notably, after my wedding, I did get back on the white sugar train. I started eating processed foods and fell off of my clean eating regime. It didn’t take long for my brain to recognize sugar and get hooked again. What do I mean by hooked?

I mean I had something sweet every day! A chocolate bar, cake, a milkshake; I craved sweets! I was addicted.

I’ve always looked at habits and never wanted to have a habit I couldn’t break, or stop. White sugar was my nemesis. It was the habit that I’ve struggled to stop for my entire life. I know I’m not alone… 

My sugar history:

From a young age, I struggled with resisting candy; I was a candy addict. I kid you not; in grade four I made a deal to stop drinking pop cold turkey with my dad. I’m thankful for my dad signing that paper to this day. I haven’t touched this kind of drink for over 20 plus years and I’m happy I haven’t. Right now, I’d probably be on medication with type II diabetes the way I was going…

I was ‘that kid’ that would hike up to the corner store and purchase as many 1 cent candies as possible.

These candies wouldn’t last the trip back to the house. In university, I’d eat half a chocolate bar and flush the rest down the toilet to prevent myself from eating to many chocolate bars. It was one way I wouldn’t finish the darn chocolate bar(s). Ridiculous, but for someone addicted to sweets it was a coping mechanism. You may be able to relate?

This year, 2017, I made it my #1 New Years resolution to go 1 year without white sugar and from then on, I’ll extend the time. So far, I’m loving not being controlled by my need to have this white sweet substance.

What shocks me? I am blown away by how many more items now have sugar in them then even three years ago.

Just the other day, I went for my extra hot Horseradish, and voila there in the ingredients was sugar. Really?  Yes!  Or, Mayo… Notably, you can buy mayo without sugar, but it isn’t available in all super markets.

In looking back at the last 20 days without a ton of processed and sugary foods, I can say I have eaten really clean and lost 3 pounds of visceral fat on my stomach. I have more energy and at times I have been a bit raw emotionally.

If I want a treat, I pretty much have to make it myself with my healthier sugars, or I’ll cut some fruit up. It takes a lot more effort to fulfill my sweet tooth needs when I am having to bake an item. Actually, I don’t need sugar as much these days!

Raspberry Oat Bar!
Raspberry Oat Bar!

Truly, not a lot of places cater to people not wanting to eat white sugar either… What else, I’ve turned to green smoothies for a boost in the afternoon.  As mentioned, I also indulge in fruits to satisfy my cravings.

I have to say, with my determination to avoid this poisonous substance now and what I know it can do to the body, I’ve been able to stave off the cravings mostly.

My go-to sweeter foods other than smoothies right now have been oatmeal cookies, and oatmeal raspberry bars. I’ve baked these with a small amount of coconut sugar. I’ve also baked a rhubarb apple crumble with maple syrup.

Green Smoothies!
Green Smoothies!

Notably, I’ll be doing a vlog series on Limelight Vlogs about my path to a better sweet tooth shortly, and there’ll be another article soon on sustainability Kid’s website concerning an in depth look at why buying and consuming more natural sweeteners is actually a more sustainable choice. Yes, it is better for the environment too.


Here is my list of what I consider to be the best sweeteners for me… (Yes, they are still forms of sugar, and or act as a sweetener  yet they are not so refined and still have added benefits unlike table sugar):

Maple Syrup

Raw Honey

Coconut Sugar

Monk Fruit


Date Sugar

Un-concentrated juices

*I’ve left out cane sugar, and brown sugar, as neither of these are much better than white sugar in my opinion. Here is a list by Prevention of all of the sugars that might be hidden in foods.  Again, I am alright with some of them, and not okay with a lot of other sugar versions.  If the sugar I am consuming has trace minerals, anti-oxidents than I am more moved to use them than sugars that are majorly refined. 

To round up this article.  If you are like me and like reading and watching educational videos on topics of interest …  I highly recommend you look more into the negative affects of white sugar.  A Doctor who is publishing and sharing his knowledge on sugar is Dr. Lustig. I have huge respect for this doctor and his mission to expose the sugar industry. Here is a video where he talks about sugar and glucose-fructose


If you are wanting to learn more about white sugar and really how horrible it is for your body, check out the documentary, Fed Up!

I can relate, I am definitely Fed Up with my white sugar consumption.  

Fed Up’s Official Trailer

Last thought, If you are interested in how to eat to protect your mind and body, check out this great youtube video by Dr. Neal Barnard, click here!  I’ll definitely be writing an article on my thoughts of how we can nurture our minds and will point our readers to some interesting articles and research down the road.  

Until then, I hope you are able to curb your sugar consumption like I have.  You don’t need a fancy diet, or to restrict yourself from any whole foods “clean foods”, I think eating clean is the best way to go!  If you reduce packaged goods with sugar, I’m sure you’ll see the benefits like I have.  I’ve found it to be very useful in helping to make healthier food choices of late. 

Love to know your thoughts!


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