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Krokodile Pear – Jericho Smoothie

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Only 3 months young, Krokodile Pear is a new cold-pressed organic juice bar in Kitsilano. For those who are unfamiliar with the cold-pressed method, it’s where produce is shredded into little bits and pieces and then… cold-pressed (duh!). To elaborate, the shredded produce is squished by a hydraulic press that unloads a ton of pressure onto the fruits and veggies. As a result, incredibly fresh juice flows out and is immediately bottled.

The great thing about the cold-pressed method is that it doesn’t introduce any extra oxygen or heat to the juice, unlike typical centrifugal juicers. Consequently, all of the nutrients stay intact.

I’ve tried several of their juices and smoothies, but my ultimate favourite is the Jericho smoothie. Typically, it’s made with apple and lime juice, blended with banana and mint. But, I like to add some pineapple for some tropical sweetness. As you can imagine, it’s super refreshing and tasty :)

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Healthy 100%
Taste 100%
Portion Size 100%
Value 100%

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