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Original Joe’s- The West Coast Chop Salad Is Delicious!

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Picture by Healthy Dine Out.
Picture by Healthy Dine Out.

I had the West Coast Chop Salad which I highly recommend you try!  It has fresh greens, pea shoots, avocado chunks, english cucumber, dried cranberries, candied almonds, dried chick peas, and goat cheese.  The honey-dijon vinaigrette dressing wasn’t heavy at all. The salad was $12.75 which was reasonable for the size and quality of the produce they used. I chose to not have any other protein options added, as the salad was perfect and big enough for lunch and or a dinner item. Tasty, healthy, and filling!

The only thing that might be a negative, If you aren’t into honey dijon dressing, this may not be the salad for you. In retrospect, I didn’t need the slice of bread, and found it quite tough. That being said, it added an extra component to the meal.

Overall, a healthy and tasty meal!

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Crystal Buchan

Being a health-focused foodie, I’m always curious what ingredients go into making my meal I’m about to eat; whether I’m dining in, or when I’m dining out. I’m a curious type of person, who always wants to know the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’… Restaurants practicing environmental stewardship while offering high quality dishes are my favourite dining-out places.

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