Our Guidelines

Our Guidelines

Yeppers, being a community site, we have some guidelines to follow when you are doing reviews! 


  • Have fun!
  • Choose a healthy food item at the restaurant you’re at!
  • The healthy item can be an appetizer, breakfast, lunch or dinner item.
  • If you find a healthy dessert, feel free to review it too.
  • Share with everyone why the menu item is healthy for you!
  • Post the review on our site.
  • Build awareness of the food items you find healthy in your city.

Do Not’s

  • Review unhealthy food items available at restaurants and then post them on this site.
  • Be hostile to other reviewers – be informative, but respect others’ opinions, too. You may just find that what you find healthy, isn’t always what others may find healthy, and vice versa.

Our Stars … “What do they mean?”

★ Healthy 

How healthy is your meal? If you give the meal one star, it’d mean that the meal shouldn’t even be on this site! Yet, if you give your meal five stars, it means it is very healthy!

★ Taste

How tasty is your food dish? Not very tasty would be one star, but if you gave it four to five stars it means you found it pretty satisfying to delicious!

★ Portion Size

How much food was there? If there was way too much food on your plate, give your meal one star, but if you found the portion size good, and you were full without a lot of leftovers, give your meal five stars.

★ Value 

Overall, how was the value of your food? Was it worth paying what you paid? Was the food wholesome, and presented in a desirable fashion? Did you enjoy your experience at the restaurant? Again, one star would be inferring the value just wasn’t there, but five stars would mean you were very satisfied, and the food met your expectations.