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Oxalic Acid In Greens Causing Kidney Stones?

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Let’s address the claim that oxalic acid in spinach and other greens causes kidney stones…


By Alina Munson, Owner, Alina’s Green Smoothies (Calgary)

About 85% of all kidney stones contain calcium salts, calcium oxalate and/or calcium phosphate. It seems logical to connect calcium oxalate with oxalic acid in some foods such as spinach, soy, tea, coffee, wheat, and some others. However, you will not find any scientifically documented evidence that oxalic acid in food causes the formation of kidney stones. On the contrary, substantial scientific research in different countries has demonstrated that oxalic acid from food plays an insignificant role in the formation of kidney stones. Read more here.

However, excesses in animal protein are a major risk factor in kidney stone formation. You may read more about this subject here.

I personally had kidney stones and UTI for years. Every three months, I needed to receive painkillers (the pain was absolutely horrendous). I turned to whole foods and became vegan (no animal protein) in 2010 and haven’t had any kind of kidney problems since (all other infections have also been healed – tonsils, teeth, big toe, and acne). I now eat spinach, kale and many other dark leafy greens…daily.

We do not need any more obstacles or myths to discourage us from eating glorious plant foods. Everyone should eat more greens. By consuming green smoothies, your body is able to absorb up to two bunches (two pounds) of greens every day. That is why I choose to encourage people to consume green smoothies.

Thus, I will continue to tout the advantages of green smoothies and commend those who consume them. I have yet to see a client/friend/family member come to me with health issues due to an over-consumption of green smoothies. In fact, choosing a green smoothie is a perfect first step to improving your diet. I have seen hundreds of people kick off a healthier lifestyle simply by replacing one meal a day with a green smoothie.

Stay tuned! Over the next month, we will be sharing our interview we had with Alina Munson!

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