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“Rawsome Variety Tarts” By Natalia Wieclaw

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Rawsome Variety Tarts
These healthy tarts are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar free, and healthy to eat. Not only do they look beautiful, but they taste amazing!
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  1. - 50g Walnuts
  2. - 50g Almonds
  3. - 50g Desiccated coconut and some more for decoration
  4. - 75g Dates
  5. - 1 tsp Maple syrup or honey
  6. - 1 tbsp Coconut oil
  7. Mix all base ingredients in a blender until well combined. Divide in 4 and press the mixture with your hands into 4 small tart dishes.
Filling 1 – Cashew cream (use half of the ingredients below)
  1. - 100g cashew nuts
  2. - 125g coconut yogurt
  3. - Lemon zest
  4. - Tsp honey
  5. Blend nuts in a food processor until smooth, then add the rest of the ingredients and blend more to combine. Use half for 1 tart, leave the other half for filling 2.
Filling 2 – Tropical bomb
  1. - The other half of the filling 1
  2. - 1 thick slice of pineapple.
  3. Add 1 pineapple slice to the ingredients from filling 1 and blend. Spoon into dish 2.
Filling 3 – Minty fresh
  1. - ½ frozen banana
  2. - 10 mint leaves
  3. Blend until smooth, spoon into dish 3.
Filling 4 – Strawberry delight (my fave)
  1. - ½ frozen banana
  2. - 50g strawberries
  3. - Tsp of coconut yogurt
  4. Blend until smooth, spoon in to dish 4.
  1. You will need a food processor, mixing bowls, spoons, and a blender for this recipe!
For more delicious, yet healthy recipes, please visit Natalia's Social Media Sites
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  2. Instagram: @natalia_wieclaw
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