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Roasted Beet And Arugula Salad- National On 17th

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Photo by Healthy Dine Out.
Photo by Healthy Dine Out.

Have you been to National on 17th?  While out at this busy Eatery, or National Beer Hall, I had a delightful salad, and thought I’d share it with you!

I opted for the Roasted Beet and Arugula Salad $14, that had big slices of ripe oranges throughout it, a healthy amount of feta cheese on top of it, and pistachios sprinkled over it.  I’m not sure of the salad dressing, but it didn’t drench the arugula by any means, but was just enough to flavour it nicely.  The beets were perfect, and not to soft, while the aragula wasn’t to sharp.  I also added pulled chicken for another $6, but it was worth it for having protein at dinner.

If you have this for lunch or dinner with the pulled chicken, you could definitely share it with a friend. I definitely had some help finishing it, even for dinner.

I looked on their website to find out if they sourced their foods locally at all, or if they used organic chicken, but I didn’t find any write up about it.  The restaurant was super busy, being that it was a Saturday, or I would have asked our waiter for more details about the salad.  You know, I just may have to call and find out. :) Stay tuned…

Here is a link to their website, click here.


Fresh Arugula, lots of squared chunks of beets. This was a filling salad, and the chicken was moist.


It was a bit on the pricey side, all in $20.00 with the pulled chicken.

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Crystal Buchan

Being a health-focused foodie, I’m always curious what ingredients go into making my meal I’m about to eat; whether I’m dining in, or when I’m dining out. I’m a curious type of person, who always wants to know the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’… Restaurants practicing environmental stewardship while offering high quality dishes are my favourite dining-out places.

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