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STOP trying to feed my Baby Junk food!

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As the Founder of Healthy Dine Out, I am always on the look out for the healthiest foods to feed my baby.  He loves fresh avocados, strawberries, and even fish among other healthy choices.  Yet, even when I try my hardest, there is a potentiality for sabotage.  How?  

Certain Friends and Relatives… 

With frustration and annoyance I have found myself having some friends and family members offering my baby cookies, candies, cake and the list goes on. It brings the momma bear out in me like nothing else…  Their level of food acceptance is very different from mine for a young child and baby; they are okay with white sugary cakes, pops, and other unhealthy foods for their own young children.  No wonder we have an obesity issue… 

On the contrary, I am “not” a parent who wants white sugary substances to be consumed by my child at all.  I am okay with healthier foods  and even fruits; my kid loves fruit.  Maybe you can relate?  


I have tried my hardest to protect his taste buds, his digestive system, and his food tastes so he has the best opportunity in the future to make wiser and healthier food choices.  If I can help him learn about nutrient dense foods at a young age, I know his chances of living a healthier life will increase.


Have you had similar experiences with family members? When did you decide to introduce the sweeter items and processed foods?

 My hope and determination for my child will be to avoid these items for a long time.  Or, to find much healthier versions with limited sugars and higher amounts of healthy fats and proteins. I came across this Dessert Angel Cook book with recipes that have very low sugars in her desserts and may give it a go down the road when my child is having the odd dessert.  I know there will be a time when my child will have desserts, yet if I can offer him healthier versions of brownies, I will!  I want to feel confident in my food choices for my family and I, as well. 

Have you had to do this?

I find myself being a food advocate for my child already.  “Please don’t feed my baby that cookie.”  The worst is when someone in your family, or a close friend knows you do not want sweets to be fed to your child and they still go ahead and feed them these items. If my child was allergic to something, I would hope these “said” people who not feed my child allergen foods.  The thing is, why do people think it is okay to feed sweet sugary substances to a child, yet be more conscientious with allergen foods?  Yes, if a child has an allergic reaction it could be very serious, yet the social and environmental consequences that these people are affecting in my child may have very damaging long term affects. Bluntly put, habits form early on…


Health Food Tips for New Parents wanting to have their children ‘only’ eating healthy foods:

  1. Establish your Food policy’s with friends and family. If you don’t want cakes, cookies, and other sweet items fed to your child you must actively voice this to friends and family. 
  2. Watch out for friends and family ‘sneaking’ sugary foods to your baby at parties and events that you may be distracted at. If you find out they are trying to do this, the trust will be gone with them… It almost becomes a challenge for the person to try to get your kid to cave into eating poorly. 
  3. Keep a watch on friends and family who you know would happily feed their baby coke for a drink or sugary sweets at less than a year old.  This in my opinion is very wrong for the childs well-being.  A childs sugar levels should remain as level as possible.  
  4. Offer only healthier foods at your party, and send your child along with a healthier dessert option. 
  5. Educate your child when he or she is old enough about food and what is healthy. 
  6. Share this article on Facebook or your other social media outlets. Why?  It is a nice way of saying hey, stop feeding my child junk food! I think our title says it all.  
  7. If you have a friend or family member who keeps trying to feed your child sugary items, politely ask them to stop.  And, let your close friends know your food thoughts.  They can look out for your little one’s when you might otherwise be distracted at a party. 

Thanks for stopping in!

Notably, the Dessert Angel Cook book is an Affiliate link, yet after reading through what it offers, I feel comfortable promoting it on our website. Thanks for checking it out. 

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