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The Rustique Bistro On Bowen Island

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First, if you have never been to Bowen Island you should.  It is so incredibly beautiful.  The natural surroundings are captivating and the community of Bowen Island is very welcoming.  I grew up on Bowen Island and, as some islanders have it…  Well, I’ve been on and off of this island 3 times now, and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

While visiting Bowen Island for my modern day Staggette, which consisted of a slight hike up to Cape Roger Curtis and mainly dining at restaurants, I fell upon this French new’ish dining gem: the Rustique Bistro.  Trusting in my islander friends opinions, this was a place to dine at not once in a while, but all of the time.  And so, this is what we did!  I dined there two times for my Stagette! The food and service was excellent!  Memorable.

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While admiring this beautiful and creative light bulb vase, my morning breakfast consisted of a buckwheat salmon lox crepe and a nice glass of cold water (please se my foodie review).  Later on in the day, I then went back for dinner!  So, what did dinner for all of us healthy friends consist of…

Let me elaborate on our dishes:

Being on the coast of British Columbia, personally, I needed to order this Bistro’s fresh water mussels; an excellent choice!  I’ve been living in Alberta “the prairies” for the past three years and this dish I tend to wait for until back at the ocean.

These mussels were cooked in I believe a White Wine Sauce, yet I might be wrong.  Either way, they were perfectly cooked, and fresh!  One of my good friends and I shared a salad and the chef kindly split the salad into two bowls for us.

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My friends chose to order the Ahi Tuna Cobb salad.  Just look at the fresh farm eggs and the quality of the ingredients. I was amazed!

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Two of my other friends ordered the Sable Fish and Braised Short Rib Featured Menu option.  They were impressed by the tenderness of both kinds of meat.

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For dessert…  Yes at Healthy Dine Out, we do indulge, just we try to find healthier options!  I opted to have a lemon crepe with Maple Syrup!  Devine.

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Bottom line: When you have the opportunity to take a short trip to Bowen Island, stop in and have a meal at this restaurant. It is one of the best places for crepes and mussels I’ve been too!


Here is a link to their Facebook Page, just click here.

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Being a health-focused foodie, I’m always curious what ingredients go into making my meal I’m about to eat; whether I’m dining in, or when I’m dining out. I’m a curious type of person, who always wants to know the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’… Restaurants practicing environmental stewardship while offering high quality dishes are my favourite dining-out places.

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