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Healthy Dine OutHealthy Dine Out

Healthy Dine Out is a community-based site, offering people that are health-focused, or who would like to be more health-focused, an ability to post reviews about the healthier food decisions they make when dining out at restaurants.

You will also find Restaurants showcasing their healthiest menu items on our site.  Gorgeous foodie photos and the ingredients of each item can be found.  You really do know what you are eating!

Founder, Crystal Knutson


Healthy Dine OutMealshare

This non-for-profit is amazing!  You can find items on our site that are Mealshare designated.  Why do they rock?  “For every Mealshare item purchased, one meal will be provided to someone in need.  Just buy one, and you’re giving one.”


Fierce Web Designs

We could not have built this website without them!  They are incredibly professional and hard working!  Truly, they have helped to actualize this vision with us.