Our Free, Basic, and Chain Membership options are all Healthy Dine Out Preferred Memberships. To get a Healthy Dine Out Certified Membership, you must apply for Certification by clicking Apply Now under our Certified Listing. To read more about our Healthy Dine Out Certifications and their differences, please see below!

How do we support Mealshare? For every ‘new’ paid Healthy Dine Out Membership purchased, we will donate $5 to Mealshare’s Youth Program!

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Certified ListingAPPLY ONLY

Per Listing Duration : per 2 years

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Healthy Dine Out Preferred

The Restaurant’s Head Chef and Business Owners have specially chosen this restaurant menu for Healthy Dine Out. This Restaurant is aware they are to choose their healthiest menu items and offer full ingredients lists per menu item. We recommend that Head Chefs post nutrient-dense foods that are not deep-fried and have a limited amount of sodium used in their menu-item preparation. We recommend posting menu items where fresh ingredients are used, along with menu items that have low levels of refined sugars and processed ingredients.


Healthy Dine Out Certified

A Registered Dietician has approved this restaurant’s menu on Healthy Dine Out. We take this approval process very seriously and work with the best dieticians to find a restaurant’s healthiest menu items. There are times when a restaurant may even choose to work with a dietician to create a whole new menu for this certification, Healthy Dine Out Certified. We are confident in saying this restaurant has taken the time to work with a Registered Dietician to find the healthiest dietary recommendations with specific product ingredients and nutrient values.